Hello - I'm Dale and I'm a consultant content strategist

I'm the person on the project team who can see the innovative solution in the numbers. That's because I'm analytical and creative in equal parts. It's also the reason why I enjoy being a content strategist. 

My mission is to properly understand people so that I can connect them to content that meets business goals but is also relevant to them and gets delivered at the right time and through the right channel. 

I do this by understanding the business, asking questions, observing behaviour, and analysing data. I then write copy, select images, produce videos or prepare briefs for content that perfectly matches the brand and the user's needs.


I believe content should be treated as a business asset. I therefore make sure it generates revenue. I also find ways to store it so that it's properly managed and is used in multiple ways in order to deliver maximum return.


When I'm not working, I'm usually making videos of my own or I'll be on a plane going to some place where I'll discover something new.

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