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Brand re-positioning

Volkswagen had ambitious plans for 2030. Their goal was to increase share of all-electric cars in Europe to 70%. The target for the US and China was 50%. 

The company was changing from the ground up. The ambition was to transform their brand. It would stand for climate-friendly e-mobility, for fascinating digital customer experiences, for new business models, and for autonomous driving. 

To boost the brand, a digitisation project was launched to raise the profile of electric cars on Volkswagen’s website and to inspire drivers to switch to electric. I was recruited to optimise the site’s information architecture.

A digital roadmap

Two techniques were used to establish how users expected to find content on electric vehicles on Volkswagen's website. These were used to design the information architecture and the navigation.


An agency identified potential users who were willing to participate in the research and I collaborated with a UX designer to devise the tests:


  • card sorting

  • tree testing


Following analysis of the results, I prepared copywriting briefs and selected and prepared images for the content management system. 

Business transformation

Client: Volkswagen

Agency: Tribal Worldwide

Industry: Automotive

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