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Digital Marketplace Architect


Slimming World, a renowned weight loss organization, required a service design overhaul for its decade-old weight tracking and management software. The existing system was reliant on outdated devices, and the operating system was nearing the end of its support lifecycle.


In the Discovery phase of the project, I led the effort to understand the current state by conducting extensive research, including 15 business interviews, 12 consultant interviews, 3 group shadowing sessions, 2 co-design workshops, and 1 vision workshop.


Gathered insights from interviews, workshops, and observations to create an 'as-is' user experience map.

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 14.35.40.png

Role: Service designer

Client: Slimming World

Agency: Valtech


Developed a comprehensive service blueprint outlining recommendations for the transformation:

  • Transition from paper-based to online enrolment.

  • Replace smartcards with QR codes for enhanced convenience.

  • Redesign the user interface of existing technologies.

  • Create an online service accessible anytime, anywhere.


The recommended changes aimed to modernise Slimming World's operations, improve user experience, and ensure accessibility for members.

Key Achievements

  • Crafted a service blueprint guiding the digital transformation.

  • Proposed solutions for online enrolment, payment methods, and user interface enhancements.

Key Takeaways

Adapting to modern technology trends and user preferences is vital for the continued success of legacy systems.

Tools & Technologies

  • Service blueprinting

  • User experience mapping

  • Research and observation

Team Collaboration

Worked closely with a diverse team, including a researcher, business analyst, visual designer, technical architect, and project manager.


The service blueprint recommendations are poised to bring Slimming World's weight tracking and management into the digital age, improving accessibility and user experience.

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