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BT Sport Transformation


BT Sport aimed to transform its brand and business model to elevate brand equity and attract a wider customer base. They needed to develop an effective marketing strategy to engage with business customers and provide them with valuable marketing materials.


As the content strategist for this project, my approach involved:

  • Defining the Marketing Funnel: Understanding the stages of the marketing funnel and how content could support customer engagement at each stage.

  • Mapping Communication Needs: Identifying the specific communication needs of businesses, including pub and bar owners, hoteliers, sports clubs, and health clubs.

  • Aligning Content with Segment Needs: Tailoring content to meet the unique requirements of different customer segments.

  • Definition of Content Types: Determining the types of content, such as pre-match posters and fixture calendars, that would be most effective for engaging businesses.

  • Preparing Copywriting Briefs: Creating detailed briefs to guide the development of marketing content, ensuring it aligned with the brand's goals.

Role: Content Strategist

Client: BT Sport for Business

Agency: Ogilvy



The research phase involved studying the marketing funnel, analysing the communication preferences of businesses, and understanding the content types that would resonate best with the target audience.


The solution included the creation of tailored marketing materials, such as pre-match posters and fixture calendars, designed to engage and support businesses in promoting BT Sport to their customers.


The transformation of BT Sport's marketing strategy resulted in a significant increase in brand equity, soaring by 67% to £9.2bn in 2014. The brand's new positioning and business model revolutionized its success in the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailoring content to specific customer segments is crucial for effective engagement.

  • Understanding the marketing funnel helps guide content strategy.

  • Clear copywriting briefs ensure content aligns with brand goals.

Tools & Technologies:

Content development and design tools, market research and analytics platforms.

Team Collaboration:

Collaboration with marketing, design, and research teams to develop and execute the content strategy.


BT Sport's transformational approach to marketing strategy led to a remarkable increase in brand equity, highlighting the importance of targeted content and effective communication in achieving business objectives.

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