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Engagement Boost Strategy



In the realm of marketing, influencer marketing is a hot topic, and event marketing is no exception. IBM faced a challenge with their event strategy – registrants often failed to attend events, and there was minimal post-event engagement. To foster stronger relationships with attendees and transform them into customers, a communication strategy was imperative to maintain engagement levels.


To address this challenge, we developed a tool for CRM and social media communicators. This tool allowed them to discover relevant content tailored to users' tech interests, their position in the sales funnel, and the event phase. To better understand communication needs, registrants were interviewed, and an audit of IBM content was conducted, classifying it based on event and marketing themes, as well as registrant requirements.


Our research included in-depth interviews with registrants to gain insights into their communication preferences and needs. Additionally, we meticulously audited IBM's content, categorising it to align with event and marketing themes, and registrants' expectations.



The solution involved the development of a dynamic Excel tool. This tool empowered communicators to swiftly locate and utilize relevant content, enabling real-time responses to social and CRM conversations as they unfolded.

Role: Content Strategist

Client: IBM

Agency: Ogilvy



The implementation of the content strategy and the Excel tool yielded significant results:

  • Increased event participation.

  • Elevated engagement levels during and after events.

  • Successful conversion of event attendees into customers, resulting in a direct sales boost.

Key Takeaways:

This project underscores the importance of a targeted content strategy in event marketing. By understanding registrants' needs and facilitating real-time content delivery, IBM effectively enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

Tools & Technologies:

The project leveraged an Excel-based tool for content discovery and management, along with CRM and social media communication platforms.

Team Collaboration:

Collaboration was essential, involving CRM and social media communicators, content strategists, and registrants in the process.


IBM's implementation of a strategic content approach not only increased event participation and engagement but also translated into tangible sales growth. This case exemplifies the effectiveness of tailored content strategies in maximising the impact of event marketing initiatives.

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