A database and website were developed to track applicants from high incidence tuberculosis countries who were seeking long-stay visas to the United Kingdom. 

The application would be used by clinicians at multiple clinics, hospitals and laboratories at 68 countries around the world. The journeys to certification, which typically include chest x-rays, are stored in the application. 

Users had been collating data in an analogue process, using Excel and email, and the new application would give health and home office staff with real-time data. 

My role

I worked on all the UX deliverables in the Discovery and Alpha phases of this agile project. This included:

  • creating user journey maps

  • defining service blueprints

  • designing wire frames

  • UX copywriting

  • creating clickable prototypes for testing

  • user research and testing

I participated in user research and testing and presented designs to internal and Public Health England stakeholders. 

UX design & copywriting


Project: Tuberculosis screening application

Client: Public Health England

Industry: Public sector

Project owners: Visbion

Visual of Ashurst project


The project followed an agile approach to wire frame design as well as development. Real life processes at clinics were discovered in a round of user interviews at the start of the project. The processes were recorded in user journey maps. These turned into service blueprints, which outlined the online and offline processes that would be followed by clinicians processing visat  applicants. 

As soon as the first wire frames were completed, they were put in front of clinicians and feedback was immediately implemented. Several rounds of testing took place to ensure that users could complete journeys easily. English is a second language for many of the users and so the copywriting was in plain English to ensure that it would be understandable by all. 

The video below shows the processes and methodologies followed in the project. Visuals for the video were from the wire frame designs, which I created using Adobe Xd.

The methodology used in creating Public Health England's tuberculosis application.


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