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Social strategy

SAB Miller was keen to identify the content characteristics that resulted in a large number of likes and shares for their social media posts. These findings could then be used by content creators in different markets around the world to optimise their communications.


The best performing social posts were identified and studied in order to understand what made them successful. The findings were distilled into 10 principles for content creators to follow for future communications.


The principles were implemented by content creators in several different countries, leading to higher brand visibility on social media channels in those markets.

Optimising communications

Data on SAB Miller communications was drawn from various social media listening tools.


I used this data and devised a method of measuring content effectiveness, weighting scores according to demographic and segmentation data. This ensured that posts in larger markets weren't seen as more successful because of the relative size of the market and the number of SABMiller followers on those challenges.


I then identified the key characteristics of the top posts and contributed to a final deck that was circulated to SABMiller social content creators around the world. The deck was used to optimise communications.

Brand marketing

Client: SABMiller

Industry: FMCG

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