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Social Media Success


SAB Miller aimed to uncover the content attributes responsible for generating high engagement, including likes and shares, on their social media posts. The goal was to provide content creators across different global markets with actionable insights to enhance their communication strategies.


Our approach involved a systematic exploration of the best-performing social media posts, aiming to decode the elements contributing to their success. These insights were distilled into ten fundamental principles that would guide content creators in future communications.


Research focused on the examination of top-performing social posts to identify common characteristics that drove engagement. Data was gathered from various social media listening tools, providing valuable insights into SAB Miller's social media landscape.


The ten content principles derived from our research were implemented by content creators across diverse countries. This led to increased brand visibility and enhanced engagement on social media platforms within those markets. To measure content effectiveness accurately, we developed a method that accounted for demographic and segmentation data, ensuring fair evaluation across markets of varying sizes.

Role: Content Strategist

Client: SABMiller

Agency: Ogilvy



The implementation of these content principles resulted in a noticeable improvement in brand visibility and social media engagement for SAB Miller. Content creators worldwide benefited from the insights, and the brand's online presence was strengthened.

Key Takeaways:

  • Analysing successful content can reveal valuable principles for future strategies.

  • Tailoring content to specific markets enhances engagement.

  • Data-driven measurement ensures fair evaluation across different markets.

Tools & Technologies:

Social media listening tools, data analytics platforms, content optimisation software.

Team Collaboration:

Collaboration with content creators, data analysts, and social media teams worldwide was instrumental in implementing and optimising the content principles.


SAB Miller's journey to decipher the secrets of social media success culminated in the development of ten guiding principles that significantly improved brand visibility and engagement. The global adoption of these principles empowered content creators to create impactful and engaging content across diverse markets.

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