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Change Management Specialist

The Challenge

In 2018, HSBC initiated a digital transformation project for their corporate banking portal, a global platform used by clients for payment processing, trade finance applications, and shipment tracking. The project aimed to refresh the portal's design while introducing significant user experience enhancements.

The Approach

To facilitate this change and improve user understanding, NetPlus, a change management tool, was conceived. It involved the creation of instructional videos showcasing the evolving portal and its functionality. My role was pivotal in developing these videos, designing the content management system (CMS) to host them, and making them accessible through the portal, a dedicated website, and a chatbot.


My responsibilities encompassed various aspects, including:

  • Video creation, involving coordination with both internal and agency teams.

  • Content management, ensuring seamless video integration.

  • Copywriting for web and video scripts to convey clear and concise instructions.

  • Taxonomy and tagging to optimise content discoverability.


Role: Content Strategy

Client: HSBC

The Solution

In total, approximately 200 videos were meticulously crafted, spanning five languages, to cater to a diverse global audience. The website's dynamic display capabilities were tailored to user permissions and specific corporate banking services, ensuring relevant content delivery. This extensive video and web content library demanded translation into five languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Canadian French, and Mexican Spanish. Our team handled audio recording in Canary Wharf studios, while voiceover agencies supported additional recordings.


The introduction of instructional videos significantly eased the transition for clients using the corporate banking portal, enhancing their overall experience and understanding of the platform's changes.

Key Achievements

  • Successful coordination of video creation across multiple languages.

  • Development of a user-friendly CMS for efficient content management.

  • Effective translation and localisation of content for global accessibility.

Key Takeaways

This project underscored the importance of proactive change management in digital transformations, emphasizing clear communication through multimedia tools.

Tools & Technologies

  • Video editing software

  • Content management system

  • Multilingual translation and localisation

Team Collaboration

Collaboration was integral, with creative direction set by London-based professionals, execution handled by an offshore team in the Philippines, and support from a video production agency in Bristol.


The NetPlus tool, with its instructional videos and content management system, played a pivotal role in facilitating a seamless transition during HSBC's corporate banking portal transformation, ensuring clients worldwide were well-equipped to embrace the changes.

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