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Digital shift

HSBC embarked on a digital change project for their corporate banking portal in 2018. The portal was used by clients around the world to process payments as well as apply for trade finance and track international shipments of goods. 

The design of the portal was being refreshed in the project and, at the same time, some significant user experience enhancements were introduced. 

NetPlus was created as a change management tool, where videos were created to show users how the portal was changing and to help those wishing to get a better understanding of how the portal worked.

Communicating change

I worked on a project to create instructional videos of different products in the corporate banking portal. I also built and designed the CMS that housed the videos, making them available directly to the portal, a website I helped create, and a chat bot. 

  • video creation (internal and agency teams management)

  • content management

  • copywriting for web and video scripts

  • taxonomy and tagging

In total, about 200 videos were created in five languages. The website could display the videos dynamically, depending on user permissions and the corporate banking services clients used.

Change management

Client: HSBC

Industry: Banking and finance

Managing translations


The videos and web content created for this project had to be translated into five languages. The languages were: 

  • Cantonese

  • Mandarin

  • French

  • Canadian French

  • Mexican Spanish

Agencies translated the web copy as well as the scripts. The audio was recorded by our team at a studio in Canary Wharf. Others were recorded by voiceover agencies. 

The creative direction for editing was set by myself and a video editor in London and executed by an offshore team in the Philippines as well as a video production agency in Bristol.

The videos were firstly displayed in NetPlus but were also linked to directly in the corporate banking portal and displayed when users made a related query through a chat bot.

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