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Global Expansion Drive


United Parcel Service (UPS), a global logistics giant, sought to expand its reach by tapping into the burgeoning cross-border deliveries market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. The challenge was to encourage UK entrepreneurs to choose UPS for their international shipments, leveraging the rising trend of online shopping.


To address this challenge, a comprehensive approach was adopted. This involved conducting a European-wide market research survey in 2013 to identify the market expansion opportunity. The findings revealed the potential for growth in cross-border deliveries by SMEs.


Extensive research was conducted to understand the dynamics of the market, online shopping trends, and the specific needs of SMEs. This research laid the foundation for content strategy and creation.


The solution was a multi-faceted content strategy, and I served as the content strategist and copywriter for several UPS projects in collaboration with Ogilvy. This included the development of a robust marketing website and the creation of informative guides and white papers.

Role: Content Strategist

Client: UPS

Agency: Ogilvy


The impact of this strategic approach was significant. UPS successfully positioned itself as the preferred choice for SMEs looking to export their goods. The marketing website, equipped with data-driven tools, empowered exporters to make informed decisions about their target markets, resulting in increased adoption of UPS services.

Key Takeaways:

  • In-depth market research is crucial for identifying growth opportunities.

  • Content strategy plays a pivotal role in educating and attracting target audiences.

  • Leveraging data and open sources can enhance the user experience.

Tools & Technologies:

Content design, data strategy and integration, UX and long-form copywriting, taxonomy and tagging.

Team Collaboration:

Collaboration with UPS stakeholders and partnership with The Guardian in content creation and event planning were essential components of the successful strategy.


The Global Expansion Drive not only tapped into a thriving market but also empowered SMEs to venture into cross-border trade with confidence. UPS's commitment to providing valuable resources and insights through content significantly contributed to its success in this venture.

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