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NHS Content Enhancer

The Challenge

In April 2021, the UK government launched a pivotal COVID-19 immunity passport program aimed at facilitating the nation's exit from lockdown. The announcement included plans for the NHS app to serve as a vaccine passport for fully vaccinated individuals in England, alongside a paper-based alternative.

The Approach

Recognising the program's significance and the potential for domestic mandates, alongside the need to accommodate clinical trial participants, children, residents vaccinated overseas, and medically ineligible individuals, Zone Digital, a customer experience agency within the multinational tech firm Cognizant, was enlisted in September 2021 to enhance the service design of the NHS COVID Pass.


While the NHS COVID Pass app presents a seemingly straightforward interface, the underlying service is intricately complex. It integrates sensitive clinical data from vaccination centers, clinical trial sites, test results, and patient records.

The Solution

A spectrum of touchpoints was incorporated into the service design to cater to diverse user groups, encompassing app, online services, paper documentation, 119 telephone services, and face-to-face interactions.

Role: Content designer

Client: NHS 

Agency: Zone / Cognizant


The entire process was subject to rigorous governance, involving multiple approvals from policy advisors, information governance teams, security experts, and the program board.

Key Achievements

  • Contributed to the enhancement of the NHS COVID Pass service design.

  • Ensured inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

Key Takeaways

The project underscored the critical importance of designing for inclusivity in complex, high-impact service initiatives.

Tools & Technologies

  • Service design principles

  • Inclusivity and accessibility considerations

  • Collaboration with diverse stakeholders

Team Collaboration

Worked closely with service and content designers from Zone and various NHS divisions to implement inclusive design principles.


The service enhancements sought to streamline and improve the accessibility of the NHS COVID Pass program, ensuring its effectiveness for a diverse range of users.

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