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Intranet re-platforming

Lloyd's Register is a technical and business services organisation that accredits and certifies operational safety for businesses, primarily those in the maritime industry. Lloyd's Register's main office is located in London with other offices globally, including Hong Kong and Houston,

The project was to re-platform the company's intranet to SharePoint, which meant thousands of documents needed to be migrated. A strategy was needed to do execute this.

The project was sponsored by the company's information technology department and there was a sense of urgency for delivery as the legacy intranet infrastructure was unstable and there was therefore a risk of data loss. 

Content migration

The organisation's legacy intranet had no analytics and so it was not possible to rely on data to prioritise content for migration. Instead, an inventory of all content was compiled and segmented according to the organisational structure. 

Working with another content strategist, we conducted an organisation-wide 'keep or kill' audit with individual teams prioritising their content according to guidelines provided by the content strategy team.  Lloyd's Register's internal communications team helped communicate the project objectives.

The SharePoint delivery included designing new landing pages for news communications and links to business critical information.

Content audit

Client: Lloyd's Register

Industry: Professional services

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