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Enterprise Design Pro


Crown Commercial Service (CCS) sought to optimise Google Workspace for improved digital knowledge management and information retrieval.


Diagnosed information retrieval issues and designed a service blueprint to enhance information storage, sharing, and findability.


Conducted user research to identify pain points and information retrieval challenges.


Improved Google Workspace search functionality and streamlined information retrieval processes.


Enhanced digital knowledge management, making it easier for CCS staff to find essential information.

Key Takeaways

Effective information retrieval is crucial for productivity and should be a priority for organisations.

Role: Service Designer

Client: Crown Commercial Service

Location: London

Tools & Technologies

  • Google Workspace

  • User research

  • Service blueprinting

Team Collaboration

Collaborated with cross-functional teams and stakeholders from various levels.


The optimised Google Workspace search and service blueprint have significantly improved knowledge management within CCS.

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