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Content Strategy Triumph


The challenge at hand was to craft a compelling content strategy and copy for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) campaign landing page. The goal was to effectively engage diverse user segments, aligning their needs with the respective ERP services.


To tackle this challenge, a systematic approach was adopted. It began with ideation to conceptualize the campaign's narrative. The next step involved meticulously matching distinct user segments with the appropriate ERP services. This alignment formed the backbone of the content strategy. Additionally, a variety of content types were curated to cater to the diverse preferences of the target audience. Finally, copywriting was undertaken to bring the content to life.



In-depth research was conducted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ERP services and the unique requirements of various user segments. This research served as the foundation for creating tailored content that would resonate with each audience.



The solution lay in a well-crafted content strategy that not only showcased the ERP services but also addressed the specific pain points and interests of each user segment. By employing various content types, from informative articles to engaging visuals, the landing page offered a holistic and user-centric experience.

Role: Content Strategist

Client: Sage

Agency: Ogilvy


The impact of this strategic content approach was significant. It resulted in enhanced user engagement and a higher conversion rate. Users found the landing page to be informative, relevant, and persuasive, leading to increased interest in the ERP services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailoring content to user segments can significantly improve engagement.

  • A diverse range of content types caters to varied audience preferences.

  • Effective copywriting is essential for conveying the message persuasively.

Tools & Technologies:

Content ideation, user segmentation, content creation, copywriting.


Team Collaboration:

Collaboration with cross-functional teams, including designers and developers, was crucial to ensure the seamless integration of content into the campaign landing page.


The Content Strategy Triumph not only met but exceeded the campaign's objectives. By understanding user segments and delivering tailored content, it successfully captured the attention and interest of diverse audiences, ultimately driving the campaign's success.

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