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Healthcare Harmonizer


HCA Healthcare, one of the largest private healthcare providers in the United States, expanded its presence in the United Kingdom by acquiring a portfolio of esteemed private hospitals, primarily in London and Manchester. Each of these hospitals operated its website, creating a fragmented digital landscape. The challenge was to harmonise these digital assets under a unified brand, facilitating patient access to tailored medical services.


Our mission encompassed the re-platforming of multiple websites and their integration into a cohesive user experience, accompanied by a revitalised brand identity. Serving as one of the project's two digital strategists, my responsibilities included research and content development.


  • Comprehensive audit of existing content assets.

  • Development of an enriched information architecture.

  • Identification of distinct content types.

  • Implementation of rigorous data cleansing procedures.


The project involved a meticulous content management strategy, including:

  • Designing templates within Gather Content.

  • Seamless content migration to the new CMS.

  • Moreover, our CMS architecture was designed with an eye toward the future, ensuring readiness for expansion onto various devices, including Amazon's Alexa.

Role: Content Desgn

Client: HCA Healthcare

Agency: SapientRazorfish


Our successful execution resulted in a consolidated and user-centric digital platform, enabling HCA Healthcare to effectively convey its brand and assist patients in accessing tailored medical services.

Key Takeaways

  • Highlighting the pivotal role of strategic content management in consolidating diverse web assets.

  • Strengthening HCA Healthcare's digital presence for ongoing growth and adaptability in the UK healthcare landscape.

Tools & Technologies

  • Gather Content

  • Content Management System (CMS)

Team Collaboration

Collaboration was instrumental in our project's success, with a dedicated team working harmoniously to align HCA Healthcare's digital presence with its UK expansion.


This transformative endeavour has positioned HCA Healthcare UK for continued success and adaptability in the evolving healthcare landscape, showcasing the power of strategic digital thinking and collaboration.

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