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Architectural Marvels Showcase


British Airways, a pioneer in redefining long-distance travel and luxury experiences, sought to continue its tradition of excellence through High Life magazine. The challenge was to associate the airline with architectural excellence, leveraging the concept of "starchitecture" to captivate readers and align with modern celebrity culture.


With a passion for modernist architecture, the approach was to pitch an article idea to High Life magazine that celebrated architectural marvels. These stunning structures, akin to celebrities in the world of architecture, had the potential to intrigue readers and elevate British Airways' brand image. The process involved gathering information from architects, curating images, and crafting a feature that met High Life's editorial standards.


Role: Writer

Project: High LIfe magazine

Client: British Airways


In-depth research was conducted to identify and showcase five new museums with captivating and innovative architectural designs. Collaboration with architects and sourcing high-quality images were essential to create a compelling narrative that would engage High Life magazine's readership.


The solution was to feature these remarkable architectural creations in British Airways' High Life magazine, produced by Cedar. By highlighting the synergy between aviation and architecture, the article aimed to inspire readers and reinforce British Airways' commitment to excellence and innovation.


The feature in High Life magazine showcased the fusion of art, design, and travel, elevating British Airways' brand presence. It positioned the airline as a curator of unique and inspiring content, setting it apart in the competitive airline industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leveraging innovative content can enhance brand image and engagement.

  • Collaborating with experts and aligning with modern culture can captivate audiences.

  • High-quality content reflects a commitment to excellence.

Tools & Technologies:

Content creation, architectural research, image sourcing, collaboration.

Team Collaboration:

Collaboration between the content creator and architects, as well as coordination with the magazine's editorial team, was crucial to delivering a captivating feature.


The Architectural Marvels Showcase in High Life magazine exemplified British Airways' dedication to providing passengers with a curated and enriching travel experience. By celebrating exceptional architecture, the airline continued to inspire and captivate its audience, solidifying its reputation as a leader in luxury travel.

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